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NOW! #61 - Submarines, Fastpass +, Small World Series and our Christmas Wish List

Thanks for downloading WEDWay NOW!, the companion theme park news show to WEDWay Radio, and your window to the Disney community. This is episode #61 - Submarine Maintenance and a Merry Christmas.
On this weeks show we discuss:
  • The closing of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage for a lengthy refurbishment
  • DAK using only Fastpass +
  • UNLEASH the Memeory Maker
  • D-Tech on Demand
  • Savng Mr. Banks preview at DHS
  • Christmas Sweater T-Shirt 
  • Its a Small World web series

And, our Christmas Wish List


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Windows of Main Street: Part I - Show Notes for S5E30

On this episode of WEDWay Radio we take a look one of the most important and iconic details of both Disneyland and The Magic Kingdom.  Both parks opened with a Main Street that was built to resemble either a humble Midwestern town or a Victorian small town with shops that you might find in around the turn of the century.

Included in this reproduction were the storefront windows created to advertise the different shops.  At Disneyland the windows were painted to honor career employees fitting to either the shop itself or the accomplishments of the person himself.

On this episode we discuss several windows at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom including those created for:

  • Roger Broggie
  • Buzz Price
  • Bob Foster
  • Card Walker

And more.


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LTM tours, Return of the Flower Carts and New Years Eve - NOW! #60

This is episode #60 - LTM Tours, Flower Carts and New Years Eve.
 - Limited Time Magic Tour
 - New Years Eve Plans at Disneyland
 - Incredibles Super Party
 - Expedition Everest Challenge
 - Magic Bands given at check-in at the All Star Resorts
 - Disneyland Flower Carts return
And more…..


A Trip Down Sunset Boulevard - Show notes for S5:E29

This episode of WEDWay Radio we go back and look at the 1994 expansion at the Disney MGM Studios.  This brought us the brand new Sunset Boulevard, a street adjacent and intersecting Hollywood Boulevard and extended the "onstage theming."  

This theming is the subject of our show as we examine many of the architectural influences in Los Angeles that were recreated to bring us the buildings of Sunset Boulevard.

Much of the research for this episode came from and, specifically these pages:


NOW! #59 - My Magic Plus, Magic Kingdom Storybook and Listener Emails

This is episode #59 - My Magic Plus, Magic Kingdom Storybook and your emails. 
On this show we discuss:

  • The Magic Kingdom goes turnstile free
  • Brown Derby MM+ portraits
  • Frozen exhibit in Norway pavilion
  • The return of Disneyland Candy Canes
  • New Magic Kingdom Storybook
  • Dreamfinder and Figment shirts

And, for the first time in a long time - Listener Emails