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Episode 13: Surveying the Land: Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The imagineers did a great job of framing this view with the palm trees lining Sunset Blvd.
This is a closer look at the actual tower. The original shafts are said to have disappeared when they were struck by lightning. The outdoor queue is shaded by some creepy trees. This was purposefully done as the attraction was built before FastPass and guests might wait 30 minutes to an hour in the outdoor queue.Once you enter the hotel you can see various props that are arranged purposefully as they represent different episodes from the original Twilight Zone television show. Outside the attraction on Sunset Blvd you can find this billboard advertisement for the Hollywood Tower Hotel.
Towards the entrance to Disney Hollywood Studios you can see this sign.
The sign above advertises for the Hollywoodland neighborhood in north Los Angeles. The structure below is the actual entrance to the Hollywoodland neighborhood, it was reproduced and is front of the Tower of Terror attraction
On the other side of the street is the other structure that was reproduced and placed in front of the Tower of Terror attraction. If you look closely you can see that in 2003 (when I took the picture) the neighborhood was celebrating its 80th anniversary.


Episode 11: News, Enjoy Your Stay: Disney's Boardwalk

- Disney expects the DVC site at Disneyland's Grand Californian Resort to sell out fast.
- Disneyland's new Monorail trains continue to have problems with capacity, space and air flow.
- Celebration Round Up and Barbecue opened at Disneyland this week.

Enjoy Your Stay:
- Disney's Boardwalk was built in 1996 and was the fifth resort on Crescent Lake.
- The Resort is actually two hotels; Disney's Boardwalk Inn, Disney's Boardwalk Villas, that share a lobby.
There is a lot to see as you walk around. The picture above is Seabreeze Point where Nate and his wife were married in August of 2000.

I love these chairs.

- Nate wishes that there was a food court. Matt wishes that they would promote the entertainment spots more than they do.

- Transportation is definitely a plus at the Boardwalk.


Episode 10 - RetroMagic: Timekeeper, Toy Story Wii game, Emails

RetroMagic: Timekeeper

- Timekeeper opened in November of 1994 and closed in 2006 after only being open seasonally since 2000.

- Timekeeper was a part of the Tomorrowland Redoux in 1994, and its theater the "transportarium" was located in the Metropolis Science Center.

- The attraction was the first Circle-Vision 360 type attraction to have both a storyline and Audio Animatronics.

- Nate thinks that when Disney was trying to cash in on their attractions by turning them into movies in the late 1990's that Timekeeper would have made a good choice.

- On Tuesday March 24, 2009 Disney Interactive announced that it is developing a Toy Story Midway Mania game for the Nintendo Wii game console. Sweet!

- Nate believes that the best place to stay with young children is Disney's Boardwalk Resort because of its proximity to both Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios. When you have a kid that needs to take a nap ata specific time you cant always wait for a bus, and you can get back to the resorts quickly

- Matt thinks the best breakfast spot at the Magic Kingdom is the Crystal Palace. Nate thinks the bet if you want something quick is the Main Street Bakery.


Episode 9 - Disneyland Update, D23

This map appears in a few different places in the park. This particular one that I photographed was on one of the blue construction walls around the World of Color nighttime spectacular show area. The map itself was done in the same style as the famous 1961 Disneyland park map by Sam McKim.

This is a concept of what the World of Color and the rest of Paradise Pier is supposed to look like at the end of DCA Expansion project. Notice The Little Mermaid attraction at the north of the bay.

Here is what the World of Color construction project looks like right now. I took this picture just the north of the Orange Stinger.

Mickey's Fun Wheel, formerly the Sun Wheel is set to open in late April 2009 making it he second DCA Expansion project to open.

Here is a model of what he Red Car Trolley is supposed to look like. It is modeled after the Red Car Trolleys that could be found throughout Los Angeles in the 1940's.

While at Disneyland I also got a chance to see the last showing of Disneyland, The First 50 Magical Years. This was a great show as it featured a lot of footage of Disneyland in the 1960's.


Episode 8 - Walt disney Tour of LA

Stop 1: This home is located at 4406 Kingswell Ave. It was the home to Walt and Roy's Uncle Robert where Walt lived when he first arrived in Los Angeles. The home still stands, but the garage out back where the brothers constructed a camera tripod to start their studio with has been moved to Garden Grove, CA not far from Disneyland.

Stop 2: This is the once famous address of 2719 Hyperion Ave. Here is where the first large scale studio once stood. It was formally a piano factory building and was the home of the Walt Disney Studio from 1926-1940. In order to get this shot I had to climb up a dirt hill behind the building in the foreground because I wanted to compare it to the famous shot below it.
Here is the now famous photo of the Walt Disney Studios at 2719 Hyperion during the 1930's. the large church or school building in the background can still be seen in the background of the present picture. Also, the lay of the land rely hasn't changed all that much with a hill on the left and another in the background.

Stop 3: This was Walt Disney's Home on Lyric Avenue from 1925-1933. It is still basically in its original condition on the exterior from Walt's days.

Stop 3: This was Walt's home from 1933-1948. This was really the best shot I could get of it without scaling the fence. It was known around the studio an to Walt's friends as Walt's Castle. It is a French Norman style home. The street it is located on is pretty steep and so it is pretty hard to get a shot without climbing the house across the street. I declined.

The last home on the tour cannot be seen today as it was torn down in 1997. You can drive by the address, but nothing is visible, just a large hedge. The address is 355 N Carolwood Dr. in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles.