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WEDway Radio now on Internet Radio

WEDway Radio is now broadcasting on Reedy Creek Radio every Friday from 1PM-4PM Eastern time.
Each week we will bring you a three hour block of Disney Park Audio as well as our most recent podcast and quite possibly some bonus audio produced exclusively for Reedy Creek Radio. That's right; you'll have to turn in to hear everything that Matt and Nate have to say.
We are very excited about this partnership and see the possibilities that this type exposure and freedom will offer WEDway Radio.

Episode #21 - We're Back

Nate and Matt return from trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World respectively and Nate fights through a summer cold.

- The Disney Gallery will open on September 26th in the old Bank of America building. The building was the Annual Passholder Processing Site prior to this year.

- Space Mountain will get a Halloween overlay known as Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy for the Halloween season.

- Halloween fireworks at Disneyland this fall will feature Jack Skellington.

- Skyway building in WDW will be dismantled soon.

- Three year boys old like Autopia, Astro-Orbiter and Toy Story Midway Mania.

- The Wonderful World of Color seems to be progressing nicely.

- Nate recommends the Main Street vehicles at Disneyland.

- Matt believes that Castaway Creek is more than a lazy river, moreover a mode of transportation for the park not unlike the railroad at the Magic Kingdom.

- Matt believes that the 360 films at Epcot are really underappreciated, and that Morocco is not a very good spot to watch Illuminations.

Correction: Don Knotts was NOT was in Herbie Rides Again, but rather Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.

Nate appears on the MiceCast Podcast

This week I appeared as a guest on the Mice Cast Podcast. During the the show that aired prior to this taping the Mice Cast crew answered a listener email that talked about the differences between Disneyland and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. I thought I would take them to task on a few of their answers that I felt slighted Walt Disney World in areas where Walt Disney World could be considered superior to Disneyland. It was a fun discussion. It didn't want to turn it into a Walt disney world vs. Disneyland argument and I hope it didn't come off that way. Let me know what you think. It runs about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The show is available on iTunes, or You can stream the show here.

This is a link to the Mice Cast page were this and other shows are found.

If you have never listened to the Mice Cast podcast I should warn you that adult language can sometimes be heard as the hosts often give their unfiltered opinions about decisions made by Disney management and Disney fans. However, it is my favorite podcast to listen to. Enjoy! - Nate

Episode #20 - The Universe of Energy Past and Present

This episode focuses on the Universe of Energy; from its opening in October of 1982 through both of its different incarnations.

  • In Downtown Disney: Westside the recently closed Virgin Megastore will soon be home to Diana: The Peoples Princess exhibit.
  • Stitches SuperSonic Celebration, a stage show in Tomorrowland that opened in May of 2009 is now closed. It may reopen in the fall. Correction: In the show I noted that this was located in the old Galaxy Palace Theater. This was my mistake. It was actually located on a stage near the old Skyway attraction.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland is going to add more miniature lands after the announced $900 million expansion that was agreed to by the Chinese government and Disney.
The Universe of Energy was sponsored by Exxon from 1982 to 2004. The pavilion houses just one attraction, despite its enormous size. The vehicles within the attraction are partially powered by the photovoltaic solar cells along the top of the building

Originally the preshow used a new film technology that utilized moving blocks. After the preshow you moved into theater I, loaded the vehicle and saw a four minute film that looked at the origin of life. The vehicles then moved through a Dinosaur diorama that immersed you within the exhibit with 34 Audio Animatronics. Many of the dinosaurs were inspired by the dinosaurs featured in the Magic Skyway attraction at the 1964 World Fair. You then moved into Theater II and watched a 12 minute film Then it moved into Theater I and watched a laser show that reflected onto mirrored walls.

Outside the pavilion was the energy section of Communicore East full of exhibits about energy including:
  • A wind and solar power station
  • A nuclear exhibit with an interactive nuclear reactor
  • There was a giant offshore drilling platform
  • Mini theaters and areas for kids including interactive energy

The exhibits closed with the opening of Innoventions in 1994.

The original incarnation of the Universe of Energy closed in Jan of 1996. The newer version opened in September of 1996 as Ellens Energy Adventure. The preshow changed as it then introduced you to Ellen and the story's plot.

From there you move into Theater I where Ellen and Bill Nye the Science Guy talk about the Big Bang Theory, and then into the Dinosaur Diorama. The newer version has two more Audio Animatronics than before. You then move into Theater II and are presented with a fake newscast about energy set at different dates in history. In Theater II Ellen learns about different types of energy from Bill Nye and then rejoins Jeopardy. From there we move back to Theater I to conclude Jeopardy. Unfortunately there is no extension of the pavilion anymore in a Communicore Type setting.


Episode #19 - Ron Logan Interview

In this episode Matt and Nate are excited to bring you an interview with Disney Legend Ron Logan. Mr. Logan served as Executive Vice President of Walt Disney Entertainment. He was in charge of live entertainment for Live Entertainment for the Walt Disney Co. This included casting, creating and producing attractions and events from things as small as the Jammitors at Epcot to producing such nighttime spectaculars as Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

He is the author of Walt Disney Entertainment - A Retrospective Look. The book cannot be found at book stores, but rather serves as the text for his class at the University of Central Florida. It documents Disney Live entertainment from 1955-2000.

Ron began his Disney career as a musician in Disneyland, but prior to working for Disney he participated in the the pageantry of the 1960 Olympics in Squaw Valley California which was produced in part by the Walt Disney Co.

In 1978 he became music director of Walt Disney World, and then every two years or so he was promoted until he became a Vice President.

In October of 2007 Ron was surprised with an honor few people even know about; being named a Disney Legend. The ceremony was held at the Disney Studio in Burbank.

Today you can view his window on Main Street. It reads: "Main Street Music Co. Ron Logan" the caption reads "Leading The Band Into A New Century."

Enjoy this interview, as it was really fun to do!