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Three Tomorrowlands - MRHS #4 WEDWay Radio Season 5 Finale (episode 35)

On this, the SEASON FINALE of Season 5, we are joined by Michael Crawford for the fourth installment of our Metro Historical Society, our roundtable series discussing different aspects of Disney history and Disney theme parks.  

The subject of this installment is the changing look, theme and experience of WDW's Tomorrowland. 

When Disneyland opened in 1955, the charge of Tomorrowland was to exhibit the exciting new technology's while tackling the challenges of living in a future civilization.  Over the years that mission has changed, and on our show this week we chronicle the ever changing role of Tomorrowland inside WDW's Magic Kingdom


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Pecos Bill, The Western Superman - Show Notes for S5:E34

This week on WEDWay Radio we take a look at the 1948 Disney Animated Classic - Melody Time, and more specifically the animated short - Pecos Bill.

Pecos Bill was one of the many of the animated shorts that made up the 10th Disney Animated Film.  Melody Time was the last of the package films,  a series of films that Disney made during and after World War II, when the foreign markets were lost as a government takeover of the studio.

On the episode we discuss:

  •  Who the (not) real Pecos Bill was.
  •  The Package Films of the 1940's
  •  The Different features within Melody Time
  • The Pecos Bill Feature
  • The artists who created the feature
  • The legacy of Pecos Bill in the theme park 

 Enjoy this show!

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NOW #65 - Avatar Land, Captain America and Festival of Fools

This is episode #65 - Avatar Land, Captain America and Festival of Fantasy.
On this show we discuss:
 - Avatar Land breaks ground
 - Legacy Fastpass is no more
 - Captain America comes to Disneyland
 - Frontierland Troupe opens at Disneyland
 - Spice Road table in Morocco soft opens
 - Billy Hill relocates to Knotts
 - Maleficent Float to debut at the Festival of Fantasy parade
 - New Indiana Jones vinyl series


DCA 1.0 (Part I) - show notes for S5:33

On this episode of we explore Opening Day DCA, More specifically the entrance area.


  • The California Letters
  • The Tile Mosaic
  • The Golden Gate Bridge
  • Greetings for California 
  • The Candy Shoppe
  • Sunchine Plaza
  • The California Zephyr
  • Burrrrrbank Ice Cream
  • Bakers Field Bakery
  • Engine Ears Toys

Enjoy the ridiculousness

Check out Yesterland for some great images of a lot of the stuff we talk about

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100 Years of Magic - show notes for S5:E32

On this episode we remember the 100 Years of Magic Celebration at Walt Disney World, celebrating the 100th birthday of Walt Disney.