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NOW! #84 - Sam Gennawey and Universal vs Disney

This is episode #84 - Sam Gennawey and Universal vs Disney.


On this episode we are joined by author and urban planner, Sam Gennawey to talk about his most recent book Universal vs Disney. The story is about Universal Studios had the worlds greatest industrial tour and through one way or another became competitors with Walt Disney.  




WWR S6:E12 - Disneyland TV Companion #3: A Trip Through Adventureland

On WEDWay Radio Season 6: Episode 12, Nate and Matt discuss one of their favorite episodes of the Disneyland television show, “A Trip Through Adventureland.”

Through the Disneyland television show, Walt Disney Productions was able to finance the building of Disneyland, the theme park. Starting with the first 1950 Christmas Day special on NBC, “One Hour in Wonderland,” Walt Disney had audiences around America glued to their television sets.

After Disneyland opened in 1955, viewers of the television show were given a first-hand view inside Disneyland. “A Trip Through Adventureland” aired on February 29th, 1956 (about 7 months after Disneyland had opened to the public).

Originally when the the show aired, it was paired with a 30-minute “True Life Adventure.” For this episode, “Water Birds” were showcased. However, the highlight of the episode was definitely “A Trip Through Adventureland” segment.

Narrated by Walt Disney himself, guests were guided through Disneyland’s Adventureland. While holding a model of a Jungle Cruise boat, Walt explained the origins of Adventureland. It had come from the settings of the “True Life Adventure Series.”

In the Jungle Cruise attraction itself, duplicating nature was a huge undertaking for WED. Even then, careful attention was paid to the details. The Jungle Cruise had a serious tone then, with only a few comical references.Many of the Walt Disney Studio artists crossed over into WED projects, learning as they went. The technology for the electrical systems and infrastructure, for instance, looked very crude.

For this episode, the “True Life Adventure” photographers were brought in. For the time, the cinematography and production work was quite innovative. By lifting the photographers up on a crane to get the aerial shots, viewers were transported over the land and attraction.

Next, the technical aspects of creating the attraction were explained. From the wiring of the audio-animatronics to the adding of the water in the ravine, viewers were given a sense of the complexities of creating this natural-looking jungle.

The final step was the addition of the boats, which were lowered into the water by crane. The episode switched gears when Walt took the viewers on a first-person walking tour of Adventureland. Interestingly, there was no Swiss Family Treehouse, no Tiki Room, nor Adventureland Veranda. Certainly the Jungle Cruise was the main highlight of the land. To round out the episode, viewers were treated with a ride on the Jungle Cruise as it existed in early 1956.

As Walt said many times, it was a ride through a “true life adventure.” In future episodes of WEDWay Radio, Nate and Matt will explore more early episodes of the Disneyland television show.

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Progress City Primer - NOW! #74

Thanks for downloading WEDWay NOW!, the companion theme park news show to WEDWay Radio, and your window to the Disney community.  This is episode #74 - The Progress City Primer
On this episode we discuss:
 - Disneyland 60th Plans
 - The Adventureland Trading Company
 - 2014 CEO of the Year
And more….
Plus Michael Crawford of the


Future World 1.0 - S6:E2

Thanks for downloading WEDWay Radio - YOUR show about exploring the Disnet Parks and Disney History.  This is Season 6: Episode 2 - Future World 1.0
On this episode we return to take a look at Epcot Center's Future World as it was when the park first opened, mores specifically The World of Motion and Communicore.

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SEASON 6 DEBUTS!!!! The Backstage Tour - Show notes for S6:01

Thanks for downloading WEDWay Radio, your show about Disney History and the Disney Parks.  This is Season 6, Episode 1: The Backstage Tour.  This show is sponsored for The Magic For Less Travel.  If you're planning a trip to WDW, Disneyland or The Disney Cruise, go to and a get a free quote.
This show is our first for Season 6, and we're going back to where WEDWay Radio all started - The Disney MGM Studios.  On this episode we bring you the second half of the Backlot Tour, the Backstage portion showing you more of how movie magic makes it to the big and small screen.

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