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Season 5 

Episode 1: The Love Bug

E2: Club 33

E3: The Original Land Pavilion

E4: Three Dimensional Reality: Fantasyland I

E5: 50 Years of Tiki's

E6: MRHS 3: Two Brothers on a Boat

E7: The Majestic Wilderness Lodge

E8: Fantasyland 1.0: Fantasyland II

E9: Saludos Amigos

E10: Frontierland 1.0

E11: Tomorrowland '94

E12: The Backlot Tour

E13: Fantasyland '83: Fantasyland III

E14: Journey Into Imagineering

E15: The Disneyland Story

E16: Fantasyland Finale: Fantasyland IV

E17: Alice Davis interview

E18: Music of the 70's (Films)

E19: Music of the 70's (Attractions)

E20: Haunted Mansion Part I

E21: Jules Verne's World of Wonder

E22: Haunted Mansion P4

E23: Main Street Transportation

E24: Haunted Mansion P3

E25: Long Lost Friends

E26: Haunted Mansion P4

E27: Lady & The Tramp

E28: Future World 1.0 P1

E29: Sunset Blvd

E30: Windows of Main Street

E31: One Great Year: 1986

E32: One Hundred Years of Magic

E33: DCA 1.0 P1

E34: Pecos Bill



NOW! #71 - Hub Hoopla

Enjoy this weeks NOW!

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WEDWay Radio 5th Anniversary Celebration

This week on WEDWay Radio, we celebrate our 5th Anniversary.  On February 26, 2009 WEDWay Radio debuted in the iTunes store.  We can't believe all of the support you've given us over the years and want to share with you something we thought we'd never reveal.  Consider it, our gift to you.  Although after listening you may not think much of the gift.


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NOW! #070 - No More Jammin'

This week on NOW! we discuss the news of WDW and Disneyland, inlcuding:

  • The end of the Jammin' Jungle Parade
  • A small fire at Journey of the Little Mermaid
  • Valentines Day in the parks


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NOW! #69 - The Living Legend and The Symbol of Courage

Thanks for downloading WEDWay NOW!, the companion theme park news show to WEDWay Radio, and your window to the Disney community.  This is episode #69 - The Living Legend and the Symbol of Courage
On this episode we discuss:
 - Push the Trash Can is Gone
 - Captain America set to debut in Disneyland in March
 - Checking in on the Its A Small World web series
 - DVC Membership Magic
 - The Ratatouille Ride
 - Beautifully Disney Tutorial

Disneyland TV Companion: A Blueprint For A Dream

This week on WEDWay Radio we've got a bonus for you.  In his spare time Matt created an special episode looking at the Disneyland TV show, in a series we're calling The Disneyland TV Companion.  Each episode will look at a specific episode of the Disneyland TV show.  This particular one is called: A Blueprint For A Dream, based on the February 1955 episode - Progress Report.

Check out the original episode:

Part Two


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