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WEDWay Radio Season 8: Episode 4 - The Color and The War

On this episode we explore the fabulous 40's, Disney's most tumultuous decade.  It was a time of great promise and a time of tremendous defeat.  It really isn't like anything before or after.  The 40's brought us the most animated feature films of any decade and yet feels like an overlooked an underapprecated time period.
  • We discuss Fantasia's amazing concept and ultimate misfortune
  • We discuss WWII's impact on the studio and its releases
  • We discuss the strike and the widening void between Disney and his artists
  • We discuss the career of Claude Coats and his role in the company
Disney history writer J.B. Kaufman joins us along with Alan Coats to discuss some of the more challenging periods in Disney history:  The failure of both Fantasia and Pinocchio, the exploration of the package films, and the problems brought on by war and the strike.


WEDWay Radio Season 8: Episode 3 - The Artist

This is Season 8: Episode 3 - The Artist
On this episode we continue our story from ep 1 - Hyperion, and ep - Art School, by adding the story of a particular artist who came to the Disney Studio in 1935, by way of USC, The California Watercolor Society and The Chouinard Art Institute.  His name was Claude Coats.  
Coats career began as an artist and background painter.  He would be elevated to color stylist and play a role int he development of every Disney Animated Feature into the mid 1950's before moving to WED.
Alan Coats, Claude's son joins us.
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WEDWay Radio Season 8: Episode 2 - Art School

This is episode 2 - Art School.  On this particular episode we return to our look at the Hyperion Studio and examine one area that Disney improved its product over the 14 year life if the studio.  as early as 1931 Disney decided that its approach to animation would need to get better and evolve.  But they could not do it alone.

After asking around at different schools in Hollywood, Nelbert Chouinard who was the founder of The Chouinard Art Institute offered Disney a deal that would allow his artists to take life drawing classes and advance the study of animation.

The advancement during the 30's is exponential.  Disney went from a run-of-the-mill rubber hose animation studio to creating the first full length animated feature, and most of the advancement came from the Chouinard Institute.

Through the years different artists who would go one to become Disney Legends began their career at Chouinard and in the end Disney would eventually help Chouinard transition into Cal Arts in the 1970's



WEDWay Radio Season 8: Episode 1 - Hyperion

The wait is over.  Today we are proud to announce the release of Episode 1 of Season 8 of WEDWay Radio.  This season we are taking a different approach.  Instead of a swhole season of independent shows we are creating an 8 episode season dedicated to one subject.  

This is episode 1 - Hyperion.  On this particular episode we take a look at the growth and success of the Hyperion Studio in Los Feliz, CA.  At this partoiculat studio, Disney created Mickey Mouse, The Silly Symphony shorts and created Snow White.

Many firsts came at the Hyperion studio, including

  • The first sound cartoon
  • The first color short
  • The first full length animated studio

The studio grew from a small 1,600 square foot building that employed under 15 people to a thriving, almost bursting studio with over a thousand employees.


The studio served Disney until 1940 when Disney moved to Burbank.

Special thanks on this episode to:

  • David McBride of Radio Harambe
  • Paula Sigman Lowery, who is a consultant to the Walt Disney Museum and the Walt Disney Archives
  • Quinn Mosier who provided many of the musical interludes you'll hear this season



WEDWay Radio Season 8 Preview

Check out our 2 minute preview of Season 8.   This is the preview episode for a new type of season for WEDWay Radio, a season that will feature 8 episodes in one overarching story about one topic.  In one week we'll drop episode 1 of WEDWay Radio Season 8.